Kennith Armstead Jr., popularly known as "Army’, is an extremely talented and passionate Hip Hop artist who founded Regime Music Group LLC in 2009. Through his musical gifts, Army has helped nurture various artists from a multitude of backgrounds. After producing a series of popular mixtapes in 2012, Army released his first album entitled”Bridging the Gap". The album was well received and earned wide acclaim internationally. The success of his album allowed Army to continue his dream working with young people, advancing his music catalogue, and entertaining thousands on his international tours. To date, he has visited several countries including Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Tahiti, Belgium, Germany, and Romania, sharing a message of hope and inspiring others.

Army’s life hasn’t always been filled with endless tours and exciting opportunities. At the age of 9 his mother was first diagnosed with breast cancer and at 10 years of age Army' witnessed the death of his 16 year old brother to cancer. Army overcame periods of depression, suicidal thoughts and homelessness.


The tragedy of his brother’s death, along with emotional stress led to his father abandoning the family. Army’s mother soon moved him and his sister to Brooklyn, in a small one bedroom apartment. Daily he would travel at 5am from Brooklyn to Queens to attend JHS 231.

While attending JHS 231 he met his mentor Lamont O’Neil who began to teach him about performing arts; more importantly Lamont O’Neil taught him about God. Army joined the Nubian Gents step ministry.  There he interacted with other young men who endured similar situations and devoted their life to Christ. He accredits his passion, perseverance, and drive to his time spent in JHS 231 and his mentor Lamont O’Neil. 

As time passed Army’s relationship with his father diminished due to years of hurt and anger. In May of 2004, Army’s mother moved him and his sister to Havre De Grace, Maryland in hopes of a new beginning. October of 2005, Army’s mother was diagnosed once again with cancer and passed away on Dec. 4th, 2005. One week after their mother’s death he and his sister were placed into separate living situations. The next couple of years Army struggled through his relationship with God becoming angry and bitter. Homeless and struggling to survive, Army relied solely on performing. He began entering talent shows and selling his mixtapes to help raise enough money to survive in between shows.

In 2010 Army travelled internationally with the Nubian Gents. While on tour he decided to stay in Australia and New Zealand for a total of 6 months. When Army returned home his view of the world changed. He forgave his father and the healing process of their relationship began.

Today, Army is still living his passion - performing in schools, churches, and jails nationally and internationally. He lives by the motto, "When character speaks, the world listens." and enjoys preparing young artists to change the world both through their talent and their character. He is determined to always stay strong, and run his music group with integrity, letting nothing stand in the way of his inevitable success. Regime Music Group has toured internationally and each member has released debut projects. In 2012 Army founded Regime Performing Arts where he teaches inner city youth the art of stepping and dance, they are now the number 1 step team in NYC and ranked number 3 in the nation. Recently at the 2015 McDonalds Gospelfest both Army and Regime Performing Arts won 1st Place in the rap and stepping portions of the contest. In July 2015, 4 members of Regime Music Group and 11 Regime Performing Arts will travel to Australia to embark on their “Live Your Life” tour. Army is an example of “every setback is a setup for a comeback."