Tour Summaries:

Regime Music Group's YKTT (You Know The Team) This has been the greatest tour that I've ever been on. From school performances, detention centers, concerts, and churches we've had the opportunity to minister and encourage over 15,000 people throughout our 8 week journey touring Australia and visiting Gippsland, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and the Central Coast of Sydney. For me it is always humbling knowing that something that I went through in life can now put me in a position to help other people get through their situations. During our time in Australia Regime Performing Arts spent two weeks with us (RMG) in Adelaide, and to see the impact that these young people from Brownsville, Brooklyn made on other young people in another country was a constant reminder of how good and real God is! Rapping 5-6 times a day is tiring but one main thing I have learned about touring is that the only way to get through it is to have a healthy connection and relationship with Christ. I often remind Regime that people are simply a re-source and that Christ is THE source, so if we turn to him we won't burn out and we will have the strength to finish our tour strong... And that we did! Thousands of young people saved and many more inspired to set their own level of greatness and not chase anyone else's. YKTT is now an international brand that represents being apart of something so much greater than yourself, whether its a sport team or a social group. For us... just incase people forget what it might mean, we're on Christ team and thats why we win! - ARMY

This year Regime Music Group embarked on our second international tour. Though we had some ups and downs throughout this tour, it was still amazing. The cohesiveness of the group was phenomenal this year. The highlight for me this trip was bringing along 5 young people from Regime Performance Arts. As a member of the Nubian Gents I've experienced what we call a mission trip and this year we were able to allow that experience to the next generation. I'm glad to say I'm a part of this and I'm looking forward to continuing this next year and hopefully we'll be able to bring more of the youth. - TuNe$


Tour always teaches me a lot of things about myself, others, and most importantly God. I'm honestly grateful that God used me in order to bring a message to people around the world. Being on different types of stages in front of all different kinds of people made me flexible in many situations. Very few, if any Artist/Rappers can do what we do. REGIME! we're in our own lane. Even having the younger Performing Arts members with us in Adelaide was a blessing. For some reason I received a boost of inspiration to take my music to a new level. I'm tired of these corny rappers who talk about nothing but yet obtain accolades & acknowledgement for their foolishness. We WILL change the perception of REAL MUSIC! 8 weeks on tour outside of your comfort zone isn't easy. There were many ups and downs but God always has and had everything under control. My Faith has increased. I Love my team and nothing can change that or separate us. Next Year we'll be on a greater level than what we are on now. - Trizzy


My experience In Australia was breathe taking! I had the chance to tour all around Australia and minister to thousands of young people like myself. I got to tour along side 10 other members from REGIME and we were able to encourage people, letting them know that they should never quit on their dreams, always believe in themselves and that they are awesome. It was an amazing opportunity because my life for 2 months became 5 shows a day, 5 cities, early mornings, and late nights. I'm grateful and blessed for this experience. This trip has helped me in so many ways. Getting closer to God and stepping outside of my comfort zone is proof that I couldn't have spent my summer any other way! - Angie

Tour this year to me was awe-inspiring. The ministry was on point; on and off stage. Us as a team grew closer together and closer to the Lord. Seeing young kids hungry for Christ and getting saved let me know for sure that I'm on the winning team! I can't wait for next year's tour, its going to be bigger and better! - Mo'